Sunday, May 4, 2008

Patent Controversy - by Mr. Y.K. Sapru

Patent controversy (May 4th, 2008)

This refers to the article ‘In Defence of Patents’ (Apr 28), which I feel was full of inaccurate statements, exaggerations and facts which have totally no relevance to the conditions as they exist in a developing country like India.

Firstly, the claim that all discoveries of new drugs require phenomenal investments, and through patenting of drugs alone can the investment be recovered, is a gross exaggeration. The initial developmental work on new drugs is mostly done in research labs attached to universities which are funded by government agencies. Take the case of Glivec which was marketed by Novartis at Rs 1,25,000 for one month’s treatment. It was identified by Dr Brian Drucker at the laboratory of Oregon Health & Science University. Half the funding for this was done by the National Cancer Institute of USA government, 30% by Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (US-based NGO), and 10% by Oregon Health & Science Institute. Novartis has contributed only 10% to the total funding.

Similar is the situation for the vast majority of new compounds marketed by pharmaceutical MNCs. The major expenses that pharma companies pick up are for the clinical trials. These expenses, however much they may be, are way below what the companies recover in the very first year of launch. In case of Glivec, in the first year of introduction, the turnover for the product was around USD 2.5 billion. Similarly, Herceptin, another patented product marketed by Roche, which is a life-saving drug for around 1,00,000 women with a certain type of breast cancer, costs Rs 7-23 lakh for full treatment, depending on the stage of the disease. This product also grossed around USD 2.6 billion in the very first year of its introduction.

Similar is the case for other patented products where the amount recovered after patent due to exorbitant prices is way above the investment. Hence, while patenting of new products may be legitimate, the pricing of the patented drugs needs to be controlled so that there is sufficient incentive for MNCs to invest in research, and yet the patented products are priced at affordable rates.

That prices of patented drugs are high because of high excise duty and other tariffs which amount to 55% in India is also not correct. If a product like Glivec costs Rs 1.25 lakh for one month’s treatment, this figure is arrived at after adding to the net imported cost the company's mark-up, the discounts to distributors and retailers. The 55% tariff is not imposed on Rs 1.25 lakhs but on the basic landed cost, which in most cases, is less than half of the retail price. So to put the blame on high government tariffs for the high prices of patented products is absolutely wrong.

The basic mistake that MNCs are making in developing countries like India while marketing a patented product is to price it at the international cost, which when converted into local currency, amounts to lakhs of rupees. For a country like India which has virtually no health insurance, no government health schemes to cover treatment costs, and where over 75% of the population lives on a mere Rs 40 per day, to have patented drugs priced at lakhs of rupees for the complete treatment is cruel.

Intellectual property rights and patent protection for newly developed drugs is legitimate, but if it is not accompanied by reasonable pricing, thousands of Indians will die as they will not be able to afford life-saving drugs. And in such a situation the government will be forced eventually by NGOs, activists and public opinion to use the National Emergency clause under the New Patent Act 2005 and issue compulsory licenses to generic companies to market the same products at nominal rates or impose price control under the DPCO Act on patented products.

—Y K Sapru
CEO, Cancer Patients Aid Association

Monday, April 28, 2008

In Defence of Patents - Tim Wilson, Times of India, 28th April, 2008

Intellectual Property (IP) has always been a niche public policy areaunderstood best by policy wonks and lawyers. Unless there is a majorcontroversy, IP tends to escape public consciousness. But that is changing.Over the past few years cam­paigns to undermine IP have increased and arenow reaching a fever pitch.

IP is essential because it provides the property rights needed for researchand development to attract investment with the prospect of a long-termdividend. Under­mining IP is equivalent to the traditional socialist ethos-divvy the spoils of today's research and development, rather than focusingon expanding it. And a lot is at stake-­according to the most recent figuresfrom the United Nations, the Indian patent registry receives more than90,000 applica­tions for patentable inven­tions each year. In spite of thissignificant contri­bution, there has been a global campaign to undermine IPrights by a group of anti-market activists, self-interested politicians,vested interests, and more recently, the infiltrated World HealthOrganisation (WHO).

Innovative medicines have been one of the big targets. These activists haveargued that IP rights increase the cost of medicines for the world's poor.Yet they ignore that one of the biggest contributors to increasing costs isactually government imposed taxes and tariffs that raise the price oflife-saving medicines. For instance, in India the combined taxes and tariffson imported medicines are 55 per cent; in China, they are 28 per cent.

But this reality has not stopped governments acting to undermine IP. Inearly 2007, the then Thai military government waived the patents of threepatented medicines through a process called "compulsory licensing".Compulsory licensing is an instrument recognised under the World TradeOrganisation's Trade­ Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights(TRIPS) Agreement, and grants governments the ability to licence theproduction of patented products "in the case of a national emergency orother circumstances of extreme urgency or in cases of public non-commercialuse".

Now the WHO has waded into the debate. Last year, a WHO-designated teamassessed the Junta's actions and later issued a brief report legitimisingthe government's actions, which was followed by a how-to guide for countriesto waive their international obligations and issue compulsory licences.

This report is feeding into a WHO-initiated Intergovernmental Working Group(IGWG) on Public Health, Innovation and IP formed in 2006. From itsinception the IGWG has been an attempt for health bureaucrats and theactivists that advise them to rewrite - and undermine - global IP rules. The activists are now using their campaign against IP on medicines as aprecedent to continue their assault on IP; and global warming has become thenew battleground.

In a joint statement at the 2007 G8 summit, the governments of Brazil,China, India, Mexico and South Africa called for an agreement to assist incompulsory licensing the IP related to carbon dioxide emission-mitigatingtechnology being developed wealthy countries.

In subsequent media reports the officials argued an agreement is needed"paralleling the successful agreement on compulsory licensing ofpharmaceuticals". Similar themes appeared in a resolution passed by theEuropean Parliament in November last year recommending a study to assessamending TRIPS "to allow for the compulsory licensing of environmentallynecessary technologies".

And the tragedy is that those who are likely to suffer most are the world'spoor. Technology transfer is also vital for developing countries to growtheir economies and improve their standards of health and the environment. A 2006 World Bank study and a 1998 International Energy Agency /UNEP studyhave identified that strengthening IP rights assists in technology transfer.

The World Intellectual Property Organisation has designated 2008 as the yearfor "celebrating innovation and promoting respect for IP". With the IGWGconvening in Geneva in a few days' time and the assault on IP onclimate-friendly technologies, World IP Day - which was on Saturday -increasingly seems to be an occasion to reflect on IP's demise.

(The writer is director of the IP and Free Trade Unit at the Institute ofPublic Affairs in Melbourne.)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Current list of people who have joined our petition for Cheaper Drugs

Be a part of this campaign by signing our petition. Click here

Chandrashekar (Hyderabad, India) - Kindly reduce the medical price for cancer because now a days it is very difficult for daily bread and butter.

Muthuraj S (Nagarcoil, India) - I'm taking medicine (Tasigna 200mg) four capsules a day, 2 in the morning and 2 in the night, I travel once in two months to Ernakulam AIMS to get the medicine for 45 days or 2 months depends on the availability of medicine at AIMS, I woulbe be appreciated if you could provide this capsule on concession rate.

Prithwiraj Saha (Kolkata, India)- My Wife is suffering from Wegner's and is required to admnister rituximab based on need basis which is very costly. Need to make these life saving drugs affordable and available. 

Ayush Sharma (Jammu, India) - Hope it makes a difference

Rahul Khajuria (Jammu, India) - Hope it does make a difference 

Arshiya Kapoor (Jammu, India) - I sincerely hope the petitions can make a difference !

Brij Kishore (New Delhi, India)- The drugs prices should be relieved from taxes and intermediary profits should be reduced on life saving drugs 

Ujjwal Janpriya (Patna, Bihar) - I work for a research center named ''singha electro homeo anusandhan kendra''.our scientist Mr. K.P.Singha has invented a mirracleous medicine of cancerous pain that cures the cancerous pain just within 10-15 minutes by it's external application only ,the medicine has all ready been tested on approximately 1000 patients giving the cent percent result. the medicine is non-poisionus and highly effective to cure cancerous pain where all other medicine of the world is fail to do so. But we are unable to reach the medicine to the cancer patients for their painless lives,because of some financial &government policies. So,we are looking for help from your organization to promote this medicine.we have also recieved appriciation letters regarding this medicine's result from doctors,scientists and ex-health minister bihar Mr.Ashwini Kr. Chaubey and we are always ready to give live demonstration of the medicine on any type of cancerous pain. This is my humble request to you that  take some positive action to promote the research. Looking for your positive response.

Arpan Debnath (Kolkatta, India) - Why not cancelling all additional taxes put upon chemodrugs

Mukesh M Surana (Bangalore, India) - I support Compulsory licensing to make patented cancer drugs more affordable

Agana Devi Verma (Fatehpur, India) 

Ajay Varshney (Mumbai, India) - These are life saving drugs and should be accessible to the needy without the complications of cost and availability.

Aprajita Saini (Mumbai, India) -

Priya (Delhi, India) - Make these drugs cheaper!

Niharika Goyal (Alwar, India) - help cancer patients

Dr Sunil (Gurgaon, India) - Providing effective ayurvedic medicine on cheap rate

Manoj Sharma (Thane, India) - Support for affordable drugs.

Pratiksha Yagnik (Thane, India) - I lost my mom due to Throat Cancer, now my father is admitted in Chetna Hospital, Mulund he is suffering from bone cancer, we do not have enough funds to treat him, hence i dont want any anybody else to suffer in this way.

Sayanta Das (Kolkata, India) - Fighting against cancer

Terence Lewis (Mumbai, India) - We need cheaper drugs and the pharmacies alone should not have the right to sell medicines, they just rip off the general public.

Namrata Dongre (Mumbai, India) - My mom is recently diagnosed with this my Dad is just a pensioner at BSNL who himself suffers from heart disease

Bhushan Murudkar (Pune, India) - I have been buying herceptin from TMC @50k. Visiting TMC and other hospital i have witnessed the plight of people unable to finance treatment.I would wholeheartedly support for compulsory licensing of these costly drugs.

Natarajan Sen (Mumbai) - No cancer patient should be denied access to medicine on the grounds of price. Most manufacturers claim that patents are needed to ensure innovation and to assist firms in recovering cost of research. However most manufactures focus on select maladies only where they get the maximum revenue and profits; the quantum of research into ailments like malaria etc which afflict the majority of the poor is indeed small. The profitability of pharma companies will not be dented significantly with compulsory licensing and the same should be proactively used in poor nations like India.

Anchal (Thane) - good initiative

V Balakrishnan (Bangalore) - The argument from the Pharma companies for charging high price for cancer drugs is that they spent huge money on research.  But it is obvious that they are just not amortizing the Research costs only on drug price and are keeping a huge margin purely based on the "crisis situation" of patients.(Chekc R&D costs yer on year in their balance sheet and you will know how much outright cheating is done. Even the figures given are bloated and not actual)Pharma industry in the only industry globally that had never seen any downturn in spite of many other companies in other areas going up and down due to economic crisis or meltdowns in various countries and continents. Why is it so? Everyone needs to ask this question.

Mohnish Sharma (Delhi) - My father has dignosed by cancer i cant afford the treatment please help me .....

Murali (Bangalore) - I support more affordable cancer drugs in INDIA.

Ashish Johri (Navi Mumbai) - Would like to lend support for this noble cause. However, would appreciate if i am not subscribed to any paper newsletters in the interest of environment.

Vinay Pandey (Maharajganj, UP) - i will do it,

Abhishek Kochhar (New Delhi) - Cancer is constantly increasing its wingspan in India and does not only affect the patient but also thier families, relatives. Its not only a physical burden but also,financial and psychological burden on the family. The government must make sure that all steps are taken to make cancer drugs affordable to all.

Rajesh Goyal (New Delhi) - May god give you all strength in fighting the evil of this disease.

Muralikrishna (Chennai) - Please save our life and cancer is not rich man's disease alone and it is affected even to a poor man like me. There is a reason behind me calling myself as poor because i am spending so much of money on drugs and on my treatment every month. Will government consider this human cry and save people like me here on.

Kokila Patidar(Partapur) - please inform me for any help i can find on internet.

Dr Chandan Debnath (DIMAPUR) - Pls take initiatives to make cancer treatment cheaper and drugs affordable. You can add hope to millions of Indians and be assured fund is avialable

Ajay Sundararaman (Chennai) -  we should surely make cancer drugs as affordable as our success with anti-hypertensive medication

Avinash Koparkhairane (Navi Mumbai) - We shall do everything to keep cancer away

Praveen Sadhu (Hyderabad) - Only request is help people by reducing prices. Business is accepted but not at the cost of somebody's lives. Please.....

SANJAY VAISHY (Mumbai) - We strongly support for this cause.

MrinalSen (JALPAIGURI) - Hi, mother is suffering from chronic lymphatic leukemia, Dr. has prescribed Bendamustine & Rituximab,of Dr. Reddys, but it cost rs. 56,000 around.Me belongs from a middle class family it is very difficult for continue treatment. Pls help me. 

Chinmay Panda (Orissa, Cuttack) - My mom is undergone the treatment of cancer of breast and now prescribed for herceptin.I really worried about the price if it won't go down and become affordable then my only  hope is GOD ..

Vrushali Bhande (Mumbai) - Treatment for cancer patients should be affordable, as some are not able to go for complete treatment

Albert Babu Nerikat (Bangalore) - Yes the medicines need to be made cheaper.

Vijay prasad Chinthakindi (Navi Mumbai) - I would like to join the campaign for cheeper drugs for Cancer treatment as the disease itself is very traumatic and expensive.My wife is suffering from High grade Lymphoma Cancer. Presently she is under chemotherapy(6 Cycles).Each cycle is costing Rs 1.2 to 1.5 lakhs.I am looking for an organization or Trusts or indivuduals who can help me financially with my wife's medication.please help.. thank you!

Rajesh Bhat (New Delhi) - None.

Donna Campbell (Leicester) - Pharmaceutical companies need to change their attitudes towards the pricing of pharamceuticals - particularly for cancer.

Bimal Thakkar (Mumbai) - I support the cause and sign the petition for making caver drugs affordable

G Srividya (Mumbai) - Its Govt responsibility to ensure all its citizens afflicted with such deadly diseases right to live and to get right affordable treatement. CL is the only solution towards achieving this goal

Sanjay Ludhiana - Please Help Me

Ankush (Bathinda) - If a life dies because of medicine unaffordability, then its a shame on humanity..

Chandra Gupta Shaw (Kolkata) - Cancer drugs have very highly overpriced MRP. In the wholesale drug market I found cancer medicines being sold at 40% to 70% below the prices charged by hospitals & nursing homes. It is evident that there is a big commission racket between medicos & doctors & hospitals at the expense of cancer patients. And the authorities & concerned govt. agencies are unconcerned to the plight of already suffering patients.

Ashok Gupta (Hazira) - cancer drugs should be more affordable and cheaper and availblity.

R Mariappan (Tirunelveli)
- free cancer drug will help poor people who don't have awareness about cancer, no insurance and no support their social associations

Neil and Lesley Burgess (Tauranga)
- generic drugs should be available to persons who do not have the financial means to be able to afford the patented drugs. Humans, before profits.

Sandip Dev (Bangalore) - Access to cheaper drugs is a must. Its humane. Anything less is not acceptable

Swapnil Singh (Thane) - Its an initiative worth appreciation.

Kishore (Vellore) - I support the move of CPAA

Surekha Pukale (Bangalore) - Please make herceptin more affordable

Sharath CP (Kollegal) - Spread out your helping hands for the needed.

Shekhar Suman (Kolkata) - Compulsory Licensing is the demand of the hour.I support CPAA for its laudable initiative.

Anooj Kumar Pathak (Patial) - Cancer drugs must be affordable and controlled by the organization which is free from Govt interference like Human rights commission, it will be for all the diseases like aids etc.

Fredrick Dcruz (Mumbai) - Drugs to be made affordable and easily available in pharmacies in each area.

Zahra (Pune) - My mom died of cancer

vivek vyas (Mumbai) - I support cheap drugs for cancer patient

Arkamitra Roy (Kolkata) - Patenting life saving drugs in a bid to fix artificially high prices is an inhumane practice. Please stop making healthcare a privilege that only the very rich can afford.

Sayan (kolkata) - I am hoping for this to be coming to public service as soon as possible!

Srishty (Kolkata) - I support you.

Subhajit Mitra (Kolkata) - Cancer medicine should be affordable as in the India most of the people belongs to poor financial background. For the sake of common people medicine should be affordable by any means.

Nagaraja (Bangalore) - Please provide the cheaper drugs.

udita (kolkata) - cancer drugs must be made affordable.

Ritwik (Dhanbad) - It's really important for us to decide what's more important more money or lives?

Anamika (Mumbai, India) - Let's not profit from cancer drugs at the cost of innocent lives. Let's work at eradicating or at least controlling this disease by making patented cancer drugs more affordable. Why should only the rich benefit from advances in medicine?

Neil Fernandes (Toronto)

Dasari Nirmaladevi (Chirala) - i need herclon 3 doses urgently&i can not bear the cost.i want help from community.
Honey Mirchandani(Mumbai, India) - I support you

Roshni Singh (Bangalore, India) -
I support the cause

Manish Deora (Mumbai, India) -
Government needs to look into this matter very seriously. Now a days this disease is spreading very fast. The medicines for treating cancer needs to be provided at affordable costs, there are few very expensive drugs (eg. Avastin),which is not affordable for many patients, and these medicines are imported from outside. Government should look into processes to make this medicines in india and at cheaper costs.

Sandeep Doshi (Pune, India) -
Cancer drugs should be made affordable. There are other ways to earn money, not just by selling expensive cancer drugs.

Snehal (Silvassa, India) -
I would like to support bring awaress in my area - Silvassa Vapi & Valsad
Shailender (London, UK) -
My dad was recently diagonised with GIST. the treatment took place in Rajiv gandhi cancer institute and research centre. I find the cancer tablets IMATIB very expensive. is there any way we can get that at subsidised rate. thanks

Anupam Agrawal (Mumbai , India) -
I support cheaper cancer drugs and support generics.

Sathyamoorthy (Chennai, India) -
Yes! life saving drugs should be subsidised at production cost!
Ramakrishna (Visakhapatnam,India) -
let the government provide free medicines to all cancer patients.
Debashis Basu (Baidyabati, India) -
cancer treatment should be made available to those who are not in a position to afford it financially.
Surya Vansh Naryan Singh (New Delhi, India) - kindly cut the cost of sutent medicine
Ramakrishna (Visakhapatnam, India) -
Let the government provide free medicines to all cancer patients.
Joydeep Das (Kolkatta, India) - Please provide affordable cancer drugs so that treatment can reach maximum beneficiaries
Niranjan Tiadi (Patrapur, India) - PLs.provide medicines to patients at chiper costs.
Nagavolu Srinivasa Murty (Bangalore, India) - When so many cancer patients are dying in poor and developing countries since they can not afford the very expensive medicines, MNC pharma compenies making huge profits is criminal. These drugs should me made affordable for poor also.
S. K. Sarin (Delhi, India) - I am unable to afford Herceptin injections(Recommended-17 Nos.) for my wife. Is it a must? Or let destiny prevail.
Bharat Doshi (Calcutta, India) - Please send me updates on the outcome of this petition
Chamantara (Dumka) - I support you.
Suleman (Mumbai, India) - m wit u
Mithila Tambe (Mumbai, India) - I agree, it is every patient's right to be cure
Dr. Suryakanta Acharya (Vijayawada, India) - I will be supporting any step/movement to make cancer care more affordable for those who need it most.This is more applicable to developing countries like India. Keep trying.
Sweety Bandopadhaya (Varanasi, India) - Its really a sorry state of affair,our government should take some steps to make the life saving cancer drugs affordable for common people in India. For god's sake imagine the sitiuation, that drugs are available in the market,but one is not able to purchase it to save the life of a near dear one...Please act now!!!
Priyanka (Navi Mumbai, India) - I fully support this petition for making cancer drugs as cheap as possible.
Noormohmed Haju (Mumbra, India) - I am a cancer patient
Sonam Agarwal (Kolkata, India) - Cancer medicines should be given special consideration for discounts. Dont make it so expensive that we cannot save someone from this "life-taking" disease
Chandan Kumar (Mumbai, India) 
Vidhya (Bangalore, India) - I support the cause. Cancer medicine must be licensed in order to make more affordable for the poor
Bharat Oswal (Ludhiana, India) - Promote awareness for affordable and quality drugs
Chandrakant Sonawane (Daund, India) - Cancer drugs pricess should be reduced to afford middle class people 
B V Bhat (Bangalore, India) - My wife is suffering from breast cancer(stage 3) with ER/PR negative and HER2 positive.First Chemo started 2 weeks back. medical oncologist has prescribed "Herceptin" at 21 day cycle for 1 year. I learn that each dose of Herceptin costs USD 2500(Rs1.35 lacs approx). Cost of this medicine is beyond the reach of common man like me.Will the Govt look into this and make this drug affordabe by reducing tax/duties?
Kanchan (Mumbai, India) - Cancer drugs ought to be more affordable as the disease is on rise and its not just a rich man's disease.
Dharmik Shah (Mumbai, India) - I support the "Low Price Drug Movement"
Pearl Misquita ( Mumbai, India) -I fully support this causethe drugs and mediaction should be affordable....
Manav Bhatia (Gurgaon, India) - Erbitux/Cituximab is so prohibitive in the Indian earnings context that it could lead to bankruptcy for almost 99.99% of Indians 
Aasha Shah (Mumbai, India) - CPAA INDIA you have my whole hearted support for your campaign. I strongly believe Cancer drugs should be made cheaper
Gopinath (Bangalore, India) - I whole heartedly support this campaign. Life Saving Drugs should be made affordable.
Harish Sethumadhavan (Bangalore, India) - Cancer drugs should be made for affordable. Govt. should subsidize drugs.
Uma (Hyderabad, India) - My mother is suffering from cancer but in hyderabad we dont have any organisation which helps financially. Even Gov. is providing Rajiv Aarogya Sree that is limited to some people only. What about others? there should be some one who can help..
Praveen Kotla (Mumbai, India) - I support the petetion to have affordable cancer drugs for the needy.
Renu (Gurgaon, India) - Drugs should be charged only their cos
Urvi Shah (Mumbai, India) - On behalf of my whole family, I support your campaign to make cancer drugs more affordable. All the best! Thank you!
Sukumar Anikar (Bangalore, India) - I myself am a stage 1v cancer patient and i understand the seriousness of the situtation - I fully support the fight
Gaurav Khurana (Delhi, India) - Cancer drugs need to be affordable!!
Sandip Singha Roy (Nasik, India) - Drug Should be made cheaper by Govt. That's why we pay taxes.
Maribel Jimenez (Las Pinas city, Phillippines) - My father has to undergo chemo. but because of the very high price we can't start yet, my God. we can't let him die beccuse we cn't afford to buy him medicine..
Milon Chaterji (Surat, India) - I support the cause.

Ashish Saxena (Gurgaon, India) - I support this petition. Cancer medicines should be affordable to the common man.

Nidhi Jaiin (New Delhi, India) - Its important in country like us where every one women out of 22 are suffering from cancer & 70% of them cant afford herceptine

Nebil Rasheed (Trivandrum, India) - This will be a helping hand for the most suffering ones.

Abhishank Gupta (Dehradun, India) - Help me out for this further research as my mother is suffering from ovarian cancer.

Santhwanam Cultural & Charitable Trust (Kayamkulam, India) - We are providing homecare with the help of our ambulance we are providing medicines, waterbeds, wheelchair etc. We are on the way of constructing a pain & palliative care centre named 'SANTHWANATHEERAM' in trust's own land we need your co-operation to fulfill our works.

Lopa Mavani(Mumbai, India) - The drugs for Cancer treatment should be available at very low cost as the disease itself is very traumatic and expensive.

Rebecca Peralta (Manila, Phillipines) -
Hi there! I am looking for an organization that cam help me financially with my medication. I was diagnosed with Carcinoma stage and still under going a lot of test looking for the primary. Lungs and my pancreas was outrule as primary.. testing still ongoing and our family is not well off...cannot afford the tests.. please help.. thank you!
Rajiv Goyal (Gurgaon, India) -
Sandeep Manocha (Ropar, India) - based on Indian incomes, cost of such life saving medicines should be less, so that most Indian and families in other not so rich countries, could save and giv better life to their loved ones.

Binod Pillai (Pune, India) - I would like to join the campaign for reducing the prices for cancer drugs

Rahamathulla (Velachery, Chennai)

Dr. R. C. Mittal (Moga, India) - drugs are very costly and the pts are being fleeced being overcharged on print rates .govt should intervene

Manish Deora(Mumbai, India) - This is a case of CA colon Cancer with liver metastasis.

Ajay Patel (Lubumbashi, India) - I support campaign for getting affordable drug to all patients.

Malcolm Bhamgara (Nagpur, India) - most noble cause towards cancer patients is to subsidise cancer medicine
Shobhit Shukla (Thane, India) - Suffering in arranging Herceptin for mother
Kavya Natarjan (Bangalore, India) - Good luck

Soumya Khanna (New Delhi, India) - Affordable healthcare is the least a country can provide for its citizens!
Jennifer Ang (Manila, Phillipines) -

Eunice Capili(St Malate) - I seek for affordable medications

Elangbam Haridev singh (Imphal, India) - when cancer is becoming an epidemic, it is high time for the corportate to thinl in a more humanly.

Tirthankar Das (Kolkata, India) - Make cancer drugs and treatment more affordable and cheaper
Sagar Chaure (Gandhinagar, India) - why our govt. is so slow on this?
Ch. Rami Reddy (Hyderabad, India) - Having cancer is a physical problem, but the many family's are suffering because they are not affordable to pay the amount needed for the treatment. Government should provide them with treatment the cancer patients require and also to provide rehabilitation for them.
Barate Changdeo Shivaji (Osmanabad, India) - Drugs should be avails @ cheper rate

Sagar Raut (Mumbai, India) - plzzzzzzzzz plz do make the medicines affordable and at subsidised rates for the below poverty line paitents

Madhumitha (Chennai, India) - My mother is undergoing cancer treatment now. I know the price of medincines used and also ther treatment costs. It will be really really helpful to many people if they reduce the price of the drug. Goverment also can come forward to sponser free life saving medicines

Krishnanarayan Agrawal (Kamptee, India) - Suggested for Light and Kemo thheropy operation has been performed suggest further action and guidence and monetery help.
Sanitha Alam (Bangalore, India) - Signed for making the drugs accessible and affordable.
Balbir Singh (Srinagar, India) - We live in a more civilized world today,where we claim to have access to every sort of information, facilities, etc, etc,should then a patient be allowded to die just for not being able to manage few more bucks to buy expensive drugs ?
Niranjana Prabhakar Bandaru (Chennai, India) - affordable drugs is the road to a healthy and successful nation...INDIA should and will always travel that road...

Rama (Delhi, India) - The more common detection of this disease has made it mandatory for Govt to look at the drug policy related to Cancer .. At one end the disease is psychologically killing for the patient and his family & on the other end the treatment is financially killing...
Amit Tambe (Mumbai, India) - I hope that as human being we evolve in next 10-20 years to have medical treatment as a right rather than a privilege.
Ramya Bala (Atlanta, USA) - Please help the patients by reducing the drug price
Somak Chowdhury (Mumbai, India) - Having cancer is a physical problem but the socio economical probs faced by families are tremendous where as for the pharma giants its business as usual...i believe that cancer drug manufacturers should not think of profits but think of it as a service...
Linus Fernandes (Mumbai, India) - Attack smoking and paan-chewing!
Shaji Nair (Bangalore, India) - Cancer is one most affecting health issue we are facing in India. Life saving cancer drugs should be available at cheaper price. Govt should allow Indian version of these drugs available.
Tandra S Mukherjee (Secundrabad, India) - I try to make people aware I feel if patients suffering are shown on the TV a no of times each day it will sensitize people to quit smoking, chewing gutka , panparag & tamaku I request Doordarshan as well as all channels to show these advertisements.

Neelam Chawla (Kanpur, India) - Cheap drugs

Sambath Kumar (Palakkad, India) - Compulsory licensing has to be enforced to make patented cancer drugs more affordable.

Anuj (Mumbai, , India) - Many people cannot afford to buy drugs(medicines) to protect
themselves from cancer in the first stage....Keep up the good work!!!!:-)

Niranjana Prabhakar Bandaru (Chennai, India) - affordable drugs is the road to a healthy and successful nation...INDIA should and will always travel that road...

Lovina Gujral (Gurgaon, India) -

Rimanshu Jain (New Delhi, India) - it will help a lot to common people

Ayush Agrawal (Hyderabad, India) - Let me know if I can be of any other help.

Naila (Bangalore, India) - please simplify and make a uniform treatment with affordable
drugs or methods.

Mukesh Soni (Yamuna Nagar, India) - Govt should work for Peoples and its govt responsibilities to provide cheap medicine to patient.

Vidya Samant (Mumbai, India) - Present cost of drugs makes it impossible for comman man to continue treatment.

Dr. Sandeep Gupta (Hisar, India) - The drugs for cancer treatment should be affordable to all.

Balvinder Anand (New Delhi, India) - Live saving drugs especially in case of cancer where you have limited options need to be available at cheaper rates.

Rahul Agarwal (India) - Cancer Drugs should be cheaper and govt should also provide
Financial and palliative care help to such patients.

Sunitha Nair (Thane, India) - I know the cost of the drugs as my mom just underwent treatment for breast cancer. So please make it affordable.

Rimanshu Jain (New Delhi, India) - It will help a lot to common people.

Charu Saxena (Pune, India) - I think these patented cancer drugs should be more affordable. This will help people suffering from this.

P S Pillai (Mumbai, India)

Manoj Kalya (Jaipur, India) - What a deadly disease and top of it the medicines are too expensive. The cancer support medicines must be affordable to common people. My father is suffering from metastasis adeno carcinoma and undergoing treatment. I support this petition and wish that government will take a step towards this and restrict pharma companies for cutting off their profit a little and giving medicines at an affordable price.

Ajay Kumar Barnwal (New Delhi, India) - let be togther to build a strong force against CANCER

Rahul Agarwal - Cancer Drugs should be cheaper and govt should also provide financial and pallative care help to such paitents.

Sagar Nagpal (Mumbai, India) - Great initiative, its right of the people to get cheaper drugs and duty of the govt to proviide it.

Maria Soans (Mumbai, India) - My 71 year old mum has been diagonised ALL i would like to know places where i can get cheaper drugs for her medication

Ramya Bhagavatula (Austin, USA) - I am hereby joining the campaign to make cancer drugs more affordable.

Asha Sandilya (Mumbai, India) - You are doing excellent work

Suchitra (Sundargarh ,India)
- yes,cancer drug prices should be lowered.thumbs up for a good initiative.good luck.

Arindam Banerjee (Ghaziabad, India) - I can understand the pain of cancer patients, not just the physical pain but the emotional pain. We can contribute towards soothing this pain by making drugs cheaper and making it affordable to common man.

Rajesh Chopra (New Delhi, India) - Thanks

Maria Soans (Mumbai, India) - My 71 year old mum has been diagonised ALL i would like to know places where i can get cheaper drugs for her medication

Ramya Bhagavatula (Austin, USA) - I am hereby joining the campaign to make cancer drugs more affordable.

Sudarshna (Jaipur, India) - Till now cancer was just another illness.Now when I see it happening to a close family friend,I relaise how bad can it be for the person and t he family.We dont need to burden with them with financial worries when they are so troubled anyway

Anuj Jain (Meerut, India) -

P. S. Pillai (Mumbai, India)

Manoj Kalya (Jaipur, India) - What a deadly disease and top of it the medicines are too expensive. The cancer support medicines must be affordable to common people. My father is suffering from metastasis adeno carcinoma and undergoing treatment. I support this petition and wish that government will take an step towards this and restrict pharma companies for cutting off their profit a little and giving medicines at a affordable price.

Tegan Bilse (Johannesburg, SA) - Cancer meds should be available to all... its not a disease of choice.

Gervazio Peres (Mumbai, India) - Besides me My wife Marie, my Daughter and Grandson are also members of CPAA Mumbai and subscribe to this idea Thanks

Yakita (New Delhi, India) - Please lower the price of the drugs. The disease and its treatment is painful enough for the patients themselves. The near and dear ones also find it difficult financially as well as mentally.

Shaswati Sengupta (Calcutta, India) - My six year old son was detected of T cell ALL ( high risk) on February and has been undergoing treatment (induction and consolidation) at CMC vellore. Presently we are stationed at vellore itself. We are in a state of shock but still for the sake of our son we are putting up a fight everyday. We have presently 1 query, right now my son aditya doesn't have any medical insurance . Can you guide us when and how we can begin an medical insurance for him.Also enlighten us if possible , the names of insurance companies that provides such insurance. We had actually approached some companies for the same and were declined .Insurance for him has become a necissity as the cost of such treatment is found to be extremely high.

Umesh Agarwal (India) - My uncle is sufering from cancer (pnet ewings sarcoma vimetine)and his treatment is under going,we will be very thankful if its possible for any financial help towards the patient... Hoping for the positive reply...

Prabhawati Chaoudhary (Kotdwara, India) - Excellent steps towards cancer aids

Santosh Ramakumar (Bangalore, India) - All drugs should be made cheaply available to common man and poor. Its really heart breaking to see families stopping their treatment due to high cost of medicines. Govt of India have a heart make the life of people who are suffering less painful, give them cheap medicines.

Rajam Ayyamani (Chennai,India) - Breast cancer treatment should be made more affordable for the poor, uninsured and the elderly especially when they have no income or very litle source of income.

Kranthi Kinnera (Secunderabad, India)

Tarun (Pathankot, India) - Please help cancer patients by making medicines affordable

Charu Saxena (Pune, India) - I think these patented cancer drugs should be more affordable. This will help people suffering from this.

Reena Marshall (Mumbai, India) - Please make cancer treatment affordable for all.

Dr Guruprasad R Wader (Mumbai, India) - I wish to join your Noble Movement. I am a Medicinal Scientist and can make practical contribution in offering affordable Cancer Medicines. Pl guide me how to move further.

Prakash Narag (Ahmedabad ,India) - I accord my concent to make drug more affordable

Poonam Narang (Ambala City, India) - Pls make cancer care affordable

Manvi Gupta (Bangalore, India) -
I support compulsory licensing of all life saving drugs

Navneet Goyal (Mumbai, India)
- Being myself a patient of blood cancer, my experience is the cost of cancer drugs are exorbitantly high. I strongly feel that cost should be brought down substantially.

Nikhil Nayak (Secunderabad, India)
- Let's hope that we can get the big pharmaceutical companies to the table for a meaningful dialogue on this vital issue.

Anuj Chanda (Delhi, India)
- I am wid cpaa

Hamza Nasir (Karachi, India)
- A-level Student

Amod Kumar Upadhyay (Jaunpur, India)
- My Mother is suffering from mouth & neck cancer and She is admitted in Appolo Hospital,Sarita Vihar ,New Delhi, India. Doctor advised chemo with expensive Avastin Injection every 2 weeks followed by blood tests and injections to increase wbc and haemoglobin.every month the costs cross 2,00,000/ plus the anxiety and stress. atleast if the cost of drugs were reduced the trauma of cancer patients will be reduced. The patients go through bouts of depression thinking about the way finances are drained out because of them. The manufacturers and government must realise this and help the patients.Her doctor has advised us to arrange 7 to 9 lakhs for her treatment. I am unable to arrange that amount. Kindly help me any ways you or your organization can. I will be very much greatful to you for whole of my life

I would request to kindly get me some financial aid so that we can fight this disease successfully. thanking New Delhi, India. Her doctor has advised us to arrange 7 to 9 lakhs for her treatment. I am unable to arrange that amount. Kindly help me any ways you or your organization can. I will be very much grateful to you for whole of my life.

Rohan Sah (Kolkata, India) - We need this to help the needy...!!
Gunesh Tamhane (Mumbai, India)
- In any medical complication, the least one can do is to take financial stress away from the patient and his/her family. Anything for support of this cause

Jignesh Gangapuram (Mumbai, India)
- My mother is suffering from cancer she gone under surgery which was succesful (Whipples surgery). further doctors have suggested for chemotheraphy .. 6 cycles each cycles would cost me 35000/- i am financially not strong...? Require help for the further treatment.

Bhavna Uttam (New Delhi, India)
- The drugs for cancer should be more affordable as it is one of the most dreadful diseases .

Saurabh Kothari (Mumbai, India) In Present times alopathy, is known best treatment for cancer,and this disease is widely spread ed and no. of cases increasing day by day, but treatment to this disease became tearful for the person
who cannot afford, drugs are sold indeginous at 8000/- while renown co. is selling the same drug at 12000/- 15000/- it needs to control, one has to understand that this monopolise drugs ned to control.

Vikash Kumar (Jamshedpur, India)

Dias (UAE, Dubai)
- Compulsory licensing should be granted to patent cancer drugs more affordable

Amit Sawhney (Mumbai, India) - Profit should not be the only motive pharma companies should have.

Divyesh Golwala (Surat, India) - Imatinib [LUPINIB] must be made cheaper to afford even low income group people. It price should be subsidised by the government just like as in the case of pressure medicines and diabities medicines.

Rohan Sah (Kolkata, India) - We need this to help the needy...!!

Vikas Jain (Bangalore, India) - Drugs like herceptin are so costly that hardly any patients are able to afford it. The patent should allow a generic version.

Ramandeep Kaur (Pune, India)
- I am a software developer in Pune and last month my mother expired with cancer, all happened b'coz of unawareness about the disease and hence delayed diagnosis. It's my humble request to your organisation that you please spread the information about it and advertise on tv channels as its done for polio. Any contribution from my side will be my pleasure, please contact me. Please do this favour, so that no daughter loose her mother because of this killing disease.

Anish Ravi (Khopoli, India) - I want to help cancer patients

Najeem Mohammed (Doha) -

Aditya Khetan (Nagpur, India) -
Good work. Compulsory licenses are the way to go.

Mohan.V.R (Chennai, India) - Why only cancer medicines any medicine should be cheaper and affordable.

Cheshta (Bangalore, India) - I want to help cancer patients

Rajesh Wali (Noida, India) -
Its high time for goverment of India to think about the Cancer Patients, offcourse i strongly recommend that cancer drugs should be free of cost. "PLEASE SHOW THEM A RAY OF HOPE".... 

Ashok Chopra (Patiala, India) - i am suffering from pancreatic carcinoma, n it is too difficult to purchase medicines- some r costing Rs. 1000/- per day

Sachin Hejip (Hyderabad, India)
- I completely support the petition for cheaper cancer drugs - the treatment of this diseases should be more important than anything else and companies can be smart enough to find alternative ways of recovering the cost spent in R & D. 

Pallavi Mohan (Ghaziabad, India) - Non-smokers of the world unite!!!

Tirthankar Nag (Kolkata, India)
- Signing petition for cheaper cancer drugs

Vishnu Paudel (Nautanawa, India) - I am recently on Dasatinib but cannot afford it further more due to its high cost. So hope CPAA will look on it. 

Ajay Malhotra (Hoshiarpur, India) - In my view that all the treatment of cancer should be free. If a private hospital gives free treatment to any person who is suffering with cancer our government should give benefit to the these types of hospitals.

Anurag Bansal (New Delhi, India) -
My mother needs to be given Herceptin for her cure against beast cancer. It is a very expensive drug and would be really appreciated if something could be done about reducing the cost of the same and making it affordable.

Ajay Dambal (Bangalore, India) - Cancer drugs are too expensive even for the affordable people, then what about the poor families? 

Ajay Bakre (Bangalore, India) - Cancer drugs should be affordable.

SP Singh (Patiala, India) - I strongly feel there is a need for providing monitory aid to cancer i know now how costly the treatment is, n how costly is life itself when ur deprived of any hope.

Ragothaman (Chennai, India) -Compulsory licensing can make patented cancer drugs more affordable Kindly helpus in making cancer drugs affordable.

My mother age 57, has been identified with Breast cancer HER2 Positive. And adjuvant therapy has been started. The Oncologist are suggesting Herceptin treatment which costs around Rs.1 lakh per sitting and for one year. Request someone to guide for sponsors to help me save my mom.

Sreedhar Panicker (Delhi, India) - I am also a victim of such huge costs - my daughter aged 14 years is having AML M4. We are going thru a bad phase.

Shubhra Mittal (Hyderabad, India) -
Please make cancer drugs affordable.

Ramakrishna Sagar (Bangalore, India) -
Please help the cancer patients by reducing the prices on Drugs.

Sameer Bhat (New Delhi, India) -
Cancer drugs should be free of cost

Poonam Narang (Ambala City, India) -
Pls subsidise life saving drugs

Shyamal Kr. Choudhuri (Kolkata, India) -
One patient Nayan Dey belongs from BPL class is under treatment at TMC case file no.cd23822 and got help from CPAA through Iva Athavia And Vinaya Chako. She is greatful to CPAA but she is not well. Lots of thanks to everyone of CPAA. Question raised by Mr.Sapru, Chairman is quite justified.It is seen that Govt.spending crore of rupees for advertisement to prevent CANCER,but they are n doing nothing for compulsory licence for life savings drug like cancer/hiv&others.An early action should be taken by the New GOVERNMENT on this issue specially for the poorest & others. We are always with CPAA. It is one request to Chairman for considering to open a branch at kolkata which will be highly appreciable. Thank you again.

Amol Ghodekar (Pune, India) -
My father has been diagnosed with Colon cancer and has been advised chemo with exepensive Avastin Injection every 2 weeks followed by blood tests and injections to increase wbc and haemoglobin.every month the costs cross 200000/ plus the anxiety and stress. atleast if the cost of drugs were reduced the trauma of cancer patients will be reduced. The patients go through bouts of depression thinking about the way finances are drained out because of them. The manufacturers and government must realise this and help the patients.

Priyanshu Sharma (Jaipur, India) -
My wife, Roopshikha Sharma(age : 34), mother of two small kids, is suffering from invasive ductal carcinoma of the breast. She is her2neu positive so herceptin along with chemo of docetaxel has been advised in her case. As you that this medication is going to be very expensive, i would request to kindly get me some financial aid so that we can fight this disease successfully. thanking you

Gianluca Reali (Genoa, Italy) -
I want support the issue of compulsory licencing.

Gaurav Mahajan (Pathankot, India) - Drugs should be cheaper as treatment is costly (radiation and chemo). Patient should be given cheaper drugs as far as possible so that one can get well soon.

Nisha Jacob (Bangalore, India) - Lets fight together.Fahed Khan (Mumbai, India) - Looking for cheaper and affordable Anatrozole tablets(Medicine) against Breast Cancer

Swati D (Gurgaon,India) - Providing affordable healthcare and caring for the needy is the duty of every society. Lets aim to be an inspiration here and show the west what it really means to be developed.

Shashi Bansal (New Delhi, India) need to have cheaper medicines

Chethan.p (Bangalore, India) - Firstly thank u very much for yourr reply, but mam the patient whome i am referring is imatinib resistant patient she has to go for dasatinib to which no generics are currently available.... i jus researched upon the number of patients who become resistant after imatinib with a doctor who is my good frient he sujjests almost 1/3rd becomes resistant to imatinib. i feel so sorry for those who become so common and cant afford the next therapy which is so costly. i am not getting what will all those people do . well, thanks again for ur advice.

Raima Sen (Mumbai, India) -
would like to help

Hema S Iyer (Mumbai, India) -
My father has been diagnosed with lung adenocarcinoma and has been advised chemo every 3 weeks followed by blood tests and injections to increase wbc and haemoglobin.every month the costs cross 60000/ plus the anxiety and stress. atleast if the cost of drugs were reduced the trauma of cancer patients will be reduced. the patients go through bouts of depression thinking about the way finances are drained out because of them.the manufacturers and government must realise this and help the patients.

Mannan (Thane, India) -
All cancer drugs including biosimilars should be available at cheaper price. I am a part of Biotech industry and know the exorbitant profit margins the manuafcturers keep. All Indians should come together for this cause and help poor cancer patients.

Neeraj Sani(Ghaziabad, India) -
My name is Neeraj Saini. I am a law student but have no job right now. I belong to a lower class family. My wife has been detected with Blood Cancer. She is admitted in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi, India. Her doctor has advised us to arrange 10 to 15 lakhs for her treatment. I am unable to arrange that amount. Kindly help me any ways you or your organization can. I will be very much greatful to you for whole of my life

Jagadish Darimadugu(Hyderabad, India) -
These costly Cancer treatment drugs not only affect the people but also the purses of the near and dear ones. In our country where you dont have insurances to be covered we need help from the Govt to regularize the prices so that these MNC's do not squeeze the common people. Govt' should come down and

Bhushan Chitaley (Jabalpur, India) -
In countries like India, where cancer medication is out of the reach of most of the population, compulsory licensing can save a lot of lives

Asif Khan (Mumbra, Thane) -
My Father has got cancer and I can't afford the expensive medicines. So, it is my humble request to all pharmaceutical companies to please reduce the charges for life-saving drugs.

Mrs Chitra (Gurgaon, India) Medicines should be available at subsidised prices.
Dr. P.S.K.Chaitanya(Navi Mumbai, India) I strongly support this campaign for lowering the prices of medicines for diseases like cancer.

Vivekanandan.N.S (Coimbatore, India)

Pankaj(Ballia, India) to stop t crrouption in this regard it very much required.plz keep it up.we all r with u.................thanks for your noble idea
Kumudini Rajaram (Bangalore,India)

V. Ramkumar(Chennai, India)

Sanjay Pagaria (Mumbai, India) The pharma companies can charrge as much as they want on beauty, anti-ageing and other life style drugs. Please spare life saving drugs because when a disease strikes, it does not see whether the victim is poor or rich.
Grishma Shah (Mumbai, India) I sign this petition. Life saving drugs should be made available to all.

Arpita (Mulund. Mumbai, India) pls make drigs affordable

Santosh Kadne (Mumbai, India) we are with you

Ramasamy Ganesan (Chennai, India) My wife Kohila Ganesan is affected by CLL. Dr advises to administer RITUXAN. But the cost of this medicine as quoted by the hospital is Rs. 80000/=, But if we buy from outside, I understand is available for only Rs. 40000/=. Since we take the treatment through mediclaim insurance, we are forced to burn the money, due to double the cost of the medicine the hospital charges.
Ravidutt Sharma (Bangalore, India) cancer drug price must be affordable to common man. there are people who simply drop the idea of living just due to the heavy price to be paid for drugs.

Saumyendra Mehra (Dubai) I would like to actively participate in this campaign that may help countless patients who suffer from this life threatening decease. 

Baskar V (Pondicherry, INDIA) It is sad to see people dieing just because they are not able to afford for the treatment. Where are the regulators and governing bodies? Come do some thing before some more people die.

Rohit Kar (Gurgaon, India) Thanks very much for the moral support you have given me at this juncture where words give moral boosting and a healing touch. In fact I have been seeking help from govt agencies regarding the ailment (already communicated to CPAA) and in fact I have addressed my unforunate grievance to myvoicemytimes and times and times.trends of times group to know how does govt catagorises the people with this nasty disease as entilement of the facility to people who are BELOW POVERTY LINE (BPL) . Let me quote my example and your vauled hands should justify whether I need help from the govt agency or not. I have an earnings of Rs 400000/= per month. the cost of the medicine per day per tablet comes to Rs 12000/=and has to consume for 90 days without break this amount comes to approx 12 over head expenses like tests including ct scan every fortnightly,medecines as support to evercome side effects, to take care of old aged retired parents (from private co's),domestic overheads like house rent ,necessities of life with all expenses,vonveyance expenses, doctors fee etc.Keeping the said facts in view please you only can judge under what catogory I should come and have the financial benefits (in kind or cash) and other facility from the govt to over come the nasty disease.Till date I have exhausted all resources from all fronts on elimination of one kidney and expenses on the existing ailment, where should I go.What is the definition of BPL AND WHICH CATAGORY YOU/GOVT SHOULD CONSIDER IN MY CASE. I donot know how and in what form your valued hands can assisst me to over come this burning problem

Nitin Kochar (Noida, India) Cancer drugs should be made more affordable. The fight against this disease that kills millions of people worldwide should not be made emotionally & financially eroding to the person suffering from it & the family which goes through this torturous ordeal.

Victor (Dubai, U.A.E) Value human life! Treatment must be made affordable

Azhar Khan (Bangalore, India)
My mother is suffering from gliblastoma Grade IV so i know the pain

Akshat (Lucknow, India) Cancer should be made cheaper

Manish Nair (Alappuzha, India)Drugs should be available to all at cheaper rates

A.S.Ali (Mumbai, India) like your posters in BEST buses

Madhu Talwalkar (Pune, India) Drugs for cancer treatment should be given free. I have seen people dying without proper supply of drug. The Central and State governments should help the poor people.

Dr. Kshiteesh Kirtikar (Mumbai, India) This is the least we can do

Seshan Subramaniam (Sydney, Ausatrlia) I support this petition to make the medicines affordable

Mrs. Tina Gonsalves (Mumbai, India) Its High time the Government wakes up and takes a firm stand....everybody has a right to get the best possible treatment at an affordable Cost.

Pooja Gyani (New Delhi, India)
Cancer drugs should be available at affordable price to patients

P Karunakaran (Nerul,India) I endorse my full agreement and support to the cause of affordable medicines for critical illnesses.

Subhashis Sarkar (Manipal, India)
i myself am aperson involved in R&D of anticancer drugs . Its really sad, i feel the pinch, and i have decided i will give my everything to support the compulsory licensing bill.. we cant take this for long!

Pushkar Mitra (Kolkata, India) In August, 2008 my mom was diagnosed with ca stomach (Adenocarcinoma grade III) and on 23rd November, 2008 i lost her forever.

Ravindra Gaikwad (Pune, India) I totally Agree costs of medicines should be minimum possible. My father in law suffering with blood cancer and we are also suffering financially a lot.

Pushpa Menon (Noida, India) Since the medicines are so costly ,even the middle class people find it difficult to purchase if they are not covered under CGHS. So the medicines should be cheaper so that many people can avail the facility and live a longer life.

Amna Javaid (London, UK) Extremely Worthy Cause

Sarang Joshi (Aurangabad, India) I strongly support to this campaign.

Nitin Shahdara (Delhi, India) Cancer medicines should be cheaper and within range of patient

Abhishek Tiwari (Allahabad, India) As I see my 12 year old student Medha going down against the battle of Cancer, the frustration rises.

Shailesh Waghmare (Pune, India) what does the petition say ?

Suja Nair (Ernakulam, Kerala, India) Having just finished my treatment, I know how expensive cancer drugs can be. I am with CPAA in this campaign all through the way. Every cancer patient should have the right to the best treatment available and cost should not be a hurdle.

Akhil Rai (Mumbai, India) There is a need to ensure availabliity of affordable cancer drugs to all who require it 

Gaurav Pratap Solanki (Etah, India) Cancer drugs should be cheap so that ordinary people can buy them

Sameer (Faridabad, India) all hands for cancer patients

Arun Tomar (Dehradun, India) Medical research should be a mission not a business 

S P Sarma (Kollam, India) I do agree that cost of medicines for the treatment for cancer should be made cheaper so that even a common man suffering from the disease will have a ray of hope for survival.
Daman Saluja (Delhi, India) Cancer drugs are expensive and out of reach of many in India and other developing countries. We really need to lower the price so as to make it affordable to save life.
Heraclio Archuleta (Luling, LA) I am appauled and sad at the unbelievable high price for the drug Gleevec or Glevic.I pay $470.00 dollars a month for our health insurance. My co-pay for gleevec is $1,364.00 dollars. Gleevec costs $7,000.00 dollars for a month supply. My wife and I live on between 35 & 40,000.00 dollars a year,depending if my wife works overtime or not. I am retired. The average household income in the state of Louisiana is around $35,000.00 a year.I did have help from our Veterans Administration,I served 2 years in the Army,however, now,after receiving a letter from the V.A.stating that our combined income is too much in order to receive my Gleevec from V.A.Help me,PLEASE,I need this medication in order to survive.I have Chronic Mylogenous Leukemia,since Jan.2008.I am 66 years of age.Why does Gleevec have to be so expensive? I have health insurance,but still can't afford it. In order for me to receive gleevec from the V. A.,they told me I have to make $10,000.00 a year less. That means my wife will have to quit her job and my bills will not be paid.At$1,364.00 a month,even couples making a sizable income would find this price difficult or next to impossible to pay. If there is some way you can help me and my wife,please let me know. I am desperate.

Dr. Hiran Vedan (Singapore) 

Ms. Pratima Prasad (Bangalore) - Hope Thailand won't set a wrong example. 

Mansoor Khan (Bangalore) - Please keep me informed about more such issues. 

Sapna Upadhyaya (Lucknow) - in few words ,many of the children suffering from cancer,due to expensive medicine their parents does not afford,finally they quit from hospitals.find some solution because i never see in die situation. 

Kumarendra Mallick (Hyderabad) - Patients should not be considered as customers in the Malls of so-called modern society. 

Guruprasad (Bankura)

P.Srinivas (Pune) - Everything to fight cancer

Srikrishna S (Chennai) - I am with CPAA for this! 

Pavan Chinthapanti (Secunderabad) - I hope and pray that every person has access to good medical facilities. 

Sajitha (Bangalore)
Medha Mishra (Bangalore) - I whole heartedly support this campaign
Manoj Rawal (Rohtak) - we are with you
Sangeetha Mohan (Chennai) - Please keep me updated
Asha Rai (Bangalore) - "This an important step by CPAA. This information should be reached each and every corner of the country through any number of media...A letter with recommendations for the grant of compulsory license to be sent to a new Thai government which is right now on the hold towards granting compulsory licenses for cancer drugs in Thailand. This would be useful in influencing the Thai government towards taking right decision to save cancer patient's lives... "
Padmini Swamy (Mumbai) - please control cance drug prices by allowing generics
Vibha Rathi (USA) - Cancer drugs should be affordable for common man especially since many people in India do not have health insurance.
Tanmoyy Sarkar (Mumbai) - I support your campaign
Vimal Kamath (Mumbai) - All the best
Loon Gangte (New Delhi) - DNP+ will always support and fight for access to generic medicine.
Shibu Prabhakar (Bangalore) - I support compulsory licensing of life saving drugs
Harshda Dubey (Mumbai) - Life saving durgs for critical diseases like cancer must be made available to all at affordable prices.
Elizabeth Vallikad (Bangalore) - There is no alternative as unlike the people of India the majority of the people of Bharat earn less than one US$ per day and cannot afford health care expensives
P.vengadasubramanian (Chennai) - I support this campaign Dr.K.Bhandari - more affordable drugs can benefit poor people.
Lt Col U P Chattoraj (retd) (Pune) - I wish to render my services in detecting Oral Cancer
Paresh (Mumbai) - Cancer drugs should be as cheap as possible.Angika (Bangalore) - I am all in favor of making cancer drugs cheaper.
Hansa Dethekar (Mumbai) - affordable cancer drug will make cancer treatment less painful
Rajendra Vidwans (Pune) - CL is good but the dicovering companies also must be given their due price as one successful product launch costs 500 million dollars today after several unsuccessful attempts down the drain. Who will pay for those. So we must be fair to both , comapnies and patients.
Rammoha S.K.(Secunderabad) -
"Dear Sir/ Madam,
with ref to compulsory licencing- Our govt should go for compulsory licencing of life saving drugs- particularly cancer / Aids treatment drugs. As it is in our country their is no social security- at least Govt- should do their best to save patients and their families by stingent licencing policy with out bowing down to multinationals or pharma co's. I appreciate CPAA for their campaign in this matter.Great work my friends!!! to save lot of lifes.

Dr. Nneka Nwobbi (Lagos) - "This so so welcomed. The idea of our organistion was born out of such need. A young friend of mine died because his parents could not afford 25,000 naira monthly for his treatment. Well done! "
Sanjay Kotak (Rajkot)
Sobhalatah Chappidi (Bangalore) - I support this.
Dr. Manash K. Paul (Chandigarh) - What I understand is that patented cancer drugs should be made more affordable as many Indian sons cannot buy the drugs to save their parents. I have undergone through a same situation and hence I support the campaign to the most.
Dr. Bharti Bisht (Mohali) - This move can make the drugs affordable and many more lives will be saved. Keep it up CPAA.
Roopak Vaidya (Mumbai) - Absolute necessity
Akshat Kumar (Mumbai) - I fully support this petition for making cancer drugs as cheap as possible.
Satheesh Raman (Chennai) - Please do make it more affordable.

Priya (Mumbai) - Cancer even if detected the treatment is not affordable to middle class & lower class people.ARe we workign towards a cancer free world ? or a cancer world.Cancer drugs needs to be made affordable n should not levy taxes..

Nagu Parasu (Richmond) - Any effort to make cancer medicines and treatment affordable to people should be supported. Also support cancer research.
Veena P (Mumbai) - Many patients do not receive timely treatment due to expensive drugs. I hope one day cancer drugs would be available for the least amount so it will benefit all.
Medha Mishra (Varanasi) - A humble request to all of you to join this campaign.…
Dr. B. B. Singh (Mumbai) - I support your Petition.
Jenith Silveira (Calangute) - Suffering from Uterus Cancer
Alok Jha (Mumbai) - Please keep me informed for any such issue or any help needed.
Mark Doray (Bangalore) - I support your campaign.
Anand Damani (Mumbai) - The prices need to become affordable. We need to do whatever it takes.
Ananya Bhattacharya (Kolkata) - Signed
Kunal Khandait (Nagpur)-Drugs are life saving.One must see it as not money making objects.I strongly support you. Poor people cannot afford costly medicine, and they are costly because of these kind of things..
Juhi Kachhap (Pune)-Cancer drugs should be made affordable.
Amber-I feel that the drugs that we give our cancer patients should be a little more less costly. Not everybody in this world has money, but the people who are battling cancer or know someone who is battling this awful disease, all want it to be less costly for their sake and for the patients sake. You only live once, so why not make the best of it and help other people who are in need. ?
Sudha Kapur (Paschim Vihar)-Would like to join in any other way.
Shiv Mohan (Kannauj)-I am in support of making drugs affordable for patients.Government should take care of this thing and make the laws for making drugs affordable for fighting from death.
Manish Sood (Manama,Bahrain)-Let's work together to ensure that easy and affordable treatement /medication is available for patients.
Amit S Kolkur (Kalyan)-Compulsory licensing must be done.
Omkar Prayag (Pune)
Prasanta Barman (Guwahati)-Yes cheaper medicine will make cancer affordable
Vamsi (Bangalore)-These life saving drugs should be at affordable rates
Vijaybabu (Bangalore)-Cancer drugs should be affordable.
Kamala Puparel (Mumbai)-This can make life a little more easy for the patient and the family.
Monica Sampson (Chennai)
Manisha Deshmukh (Pune)- I am interested in working for such type of organization.I am a doctor by profession.
Yogesh Prabhudesai (Mumbai)-I fully support the cause.
Bhavin Parekh (Mumbai)-This is a great campaign which shall benefit endless people.All the best.
Sushil Sancheti (Mumbai)-Tamedol (Fullford) 100 Mg costs Rs.35k for 5 tablets, is there any other equivalent tablet giving same results.
Asif Shaikh (Mumbai)-Chemotherapy should be made more affordable.
Tim Melon (New Orleans)
Shagufta Tabassum (Parbhani)-I support the CPAA. Me myself being a CML patient cant afford the expensive CML treatment.
Mahesh (Hyderabad)-With cancer treatements costing in lakhs,we have millions who cannot afford the treatment. Any effort to make the cost of drugs lesser will help.
Marrie Miller (San Antonio)-Such a shame that person already facing life or death should now have to worry about the medicine or light bill.Please work at making more affordable not only for my mother-in-law,but for everyone.
Rashmi Hangalur (Sheffield,United Kingdom)-I would support the issue of compulsory licensing for the cancer drugs.
Sudhindra (Bangalore)-The life of a poor is as important as that of a rich. Affordability should not be the cause for death of poor innocent people. I strongly support this cause and ready to render any help from my side.
Gianluca Reali (Genoa, Italy)-I want support the issue of compulsory licensing.
Bhavesh Somani (Mumbai)-I strongly feel that we should have cheaper drugs to curb menace of cancer in our country.